Share documents with strong security policies

SecureShare is a SaaS and standalone solution for document sharing.

In today\’s digital age, the sharing of digital files has become an essential part of daily business operations. However, with the proliferation of digital files, there is a growing concern about the security and confidentiality of such files. Two important measures to ensure the safety of digital files are retention policies and encryption capabilities. Retention policies help to ensure that digital files are stored for a specified period of time and then disposed of properly, while encryption capabilities ensure that digital files are only accessible to authorized personnel.

Encryption capabilities are equally important when sharing digital files. Encryption is the process of converting data into a code or cipher that can only be deciphered by authorized personnel. This ensures that digital files are only accessible to those who have been given permission to access them. Encryption also protects digital files from cyberattacks and data breaches, as even if a hacker gains access to the files, they would not be able to decipher the code without authorization.

Retention policies and encryption capabilities are particularly important for industries that handle sensitive or confidential information, such as healthcare, finance, and government. In these industries, the consequences of a data breach or unauthorized access to sensitive information can be severe, including financial loss, legal liability, and damage to reputation.